A TESL Ontario certified English teacher, (Jane) Nurgul Erbil is a dual citizen of both Turkey and Canada. Her business career encompasses two different continents with a wide spectrum of management experience in private and non-profit sectors.

After completing her Master’s degree on Public Administration in New York, (Jane) Nurgul has immigrated to Canada which she now calls home. Her experiences as an immigrant has led her to design the key services she offers to students , newcomers and expats. It is her first-hand knowledge of what works and what does not work when you are new in a city that makes this service unique. She also knows how important it is to facilitate the settling process for every member in the family.


As an education agent, she will guide her clients throughout the process and provide with customized advice as it pertains to the needs of each individual, child or family. Her clients stay in the centre of focus and educational needs, settlement needs and plans are built around them. She enjoys working with a boutique approach that cultivates a strong future for everyone working with (Jane) Nurgul.


As a real estate sales representative, on the other hand, if families or individuals plan to move to Canada during education( and possibly stay afterwords) and require private real estate needs, such as buying and investing in always-exciting and profitable Real Estate of Canada, she will hold their hand and lead her clients to their dream home as an experienced certified Real Estate Agent.

As a one-stop solution provider and a professional project manager, (Jane) Nurgul and her A-Game Consulting is the right way to go when searching for a representative or for consulting services before, during and after moving to Canada.